About Us

India’s leading importer of California Almonds

It was in 1997 that we began our journey, a journey to nourish the lives of people across the nation with best quality dry fruits. We are driven by our purpose to ensure that every Indian household can afford a healthy & safe lifestyle. Over the years we have perfected our operations to give an unmatched level of experience and quality to all our valuable customers.

Our brand, Badamwala offers 100% Natural California Almonds & Walnuts and is recognized in the industry for it’s high quality nuts and zero adulteration. Keeping up with our vision of improving quality of life, we have explored the FMCG space and launched White Panther personal care.

Over the years we have perfected our quality to offer the best in the industry.

Having been on this journey for more than 24 years, we understand Quality. At Agson, we are relentlessly working on giving unmatched quality in health nuts and personal care products at affordable prices.

With us making a shift to a healthy and safe lifestyle is easier as we promise to always prioritize your wellbeing and give value for money.

Our Brands

Immunity Booster Health Nuts I 100% Natural

Known for its quality and innovation, Badamwala is India’s leading brand for dry fruits. We process and pack Almonds & Walnuts as gifted by nature and ensure healthy nuts reach your homes. We believe in innovation and take pride in being India’s top brand to offer vacuum packed nuts with a longer shelf life.

We strive to be every household’s choice for tasty, fresh and immunity boosting health nuts.

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Pharma Certified Personal Care Solutions

White Panther offers pharma-certified personal care products that really work to keep you safe from common germs nourish and revitalize your body. With our carefully crafted products, we strive to be a one stop shop for beauty and hygiene care needs. We are here not just to meet your daily care needs but also make you feel beautiful, safe and confident whilst you use our products.

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