California walnuts in India

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India is a unique acquirer of dry fruits since these can be found in every household due to their immense health benefits. Moreover, these are tastier and yummiest when it comes to eating them as a snack.

Indian consumers are very health conscious, therefore when it comes to having something delicious yet healthy, the best walnuts in India are their first choice.

Walnuts in India provide plenty of health benefits and also contain Omega-3 fatty acid which is known to offer extreme benefits to the body.

Also, with the Indian diet walnuts count as the most popular food item on a daily basis. Walnuts are considered as the natural choice of food which can be consumed without any worry.

Best quality walnuts in India can be availed from Badamwala who is a leading manufacturer of authentic dry fruits and offer great quality akhrot at affordable prices.

Though our lives have become easier in terms of work and income, are we fit when it comes to our health? Well, I don’t think that we are 100% healthy. We’re on the urge of exploiting natural resources and constantly work under tight schedules & deadlines.

As a result, our body is developing diseases. But incorporating healthy food items can benefit us a lot since consumption of proper nutrition can keep us fit & healthy. 

Here, you will know how walnuts can contribute to our daily lives and prosper a good & happy life. Learn these reasons and understand how California walnuts in India can do wonders in your life.

Best Combo with Meals

California walnuts in India

Carrying a handful of California walnuts in India is no trouble at all. While travelling or going to an office, you can carry these and have them while on your way. Moreover, besides eating them raw, there are many other options to consume and enjoy the taste of walnuts.

You can reap the nutritional benefits of the best walnuts in India by adding them while cooking food or dessert. They serve as one of the great add-ons in desserts and give it a mesmerizing flavour. 

Badamwala provides authentic akhrots that are 100% natural and incredibly delicious and crunchy. They can absorb in the flavour both sweet & savoury dishes. Add more excitement to walnuts with the best walnut brand in India.

At Badamwala, you will get original walnuts which are paired with daily meals such as fruits, vegetables, desserts, dairy, bread, cereals, etc. You can add them as toppings on cakes or toss them in fruit chaat, also you can blend them in your veggies to give the dish a whole different taste.

Moreover, California walnuts in India are used in different styles and all of them offer health benefits. Thus, you can have your favourite dish with so many health benefits. 

Easy to Store

California walnuts in India, though popular, also remain fresh and natural at home provided you keep them away from light, warmth and moisture. They can be stored for a longer period and they will come out to be fresh and healthy. Also, you have to put them in a tight container and store them in a cool place.

If you’re purchasing walnut giri, then you have to keep them in the refrigerator especially during summer. Making your everyday healthy and happy with walnuts in India is easy and can be done without any effort! So, reap the benefit of California walnuts in India both in terms of taste and health with Badamwala. 

Boosted with Nutritional Value

California walnuts in India

Walnuts are bombarded with excellent nutritional value. It contains Omega-3 fatty acid which is greatly beneficial for heart issues and provides fats, vitamins, fibre, and proteins to our body. California walnuts in India may reduce heart-related issues, ensure a healthy gut, improve brain health, help in weight management, and keep our metabolism in check. You can get the best priced akhrot in Delhi from Badamwala as we offer walnuts in different quantities. So, you can buy as per your needs. 

Moreover, walnuts are known to improve the immune system. Even during a pandemic, doctors recommended the consumption of walnuts and related foods with selenium, zinc, vitamin B, protein, and omega-3 to maintain a healthy immune system. Also, it helps in the fast recovery of the body and healing from infections. 

Therefore, with each walnut, your body is served with nutrients. Have a balanced diet with the best California walnuts from Badamwala. 

Prevent any illness and boost your body with the immense health benefits of California walnuts in India. Get your kitchen upgraded with best-in-class walnuts from Badamwala as we offer authentic and fresh dry fruits without any adulteration. Order today and start living a healthy life! 


Ridhima Achreja